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Tregida Ltd, Trelash, Warbstow, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 8RL

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Man has smoked food since ancient times. Smoking of food probably began after primitive ancestors hung their 'kill' in the rafters of timber or stone dwellings to prevent animals from eating it. It is likely that this led to the discovery that the food exposed to smoke from the fire remained in better condition for longer.


As the idea developed smoking was then used as a means of preservation to provide meat and fish and other food for long, dark winter months. Nowadays with the deep freeze being used as our main means of preservation, fish is smoked to impart a pleasant taste and enhance natural flavours.


Methods of smoking have changed dramatically as technology has developed and as supermarkets have increasingly demanded volume and continuity of supply irrespective of season. In response to this demand much of today's smoked food is produced in high volume, conveyor belt driven smoking factories.


At Tregida all of our products are hand made from start to finish. We have gone out of our way to preserve the original smoking apparatus and techniques to produce an authentic, tasty and succulent end product.


The Smoking process involves a number of basic steps including Salting, Air Drying, Smoking and finally Presentation.


There are two types of smoking - cold and hot, and some confusion exists as to the difference. Cold smoking is the 'true' smoking method by which the food changes in colour, flavour and texture. It is carried out in a temperature range of 21-31º, but ideally at 25º. Hot smoking takes place in a kiln at a higher temperature of 70-80º (and sometimes higher) actually cooking the product much like a conventional oven.


In both cases the preparation (salting) of the product allows the smoke vapour to enhance the flavour of the resulting product. Popular cold smoked foods include Smoked Salmon, Smoked Trout and Smoked Kippers. The popular hot smoked lines include Mackerel, Salmon, Trout, Duck and Chicken.


No artificial additives or flavourings - just sea salt and oak!

The Smoking Process

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